Implant Dentist for Manhattan Stops Shifting Dentures

Our highly experienced implant dentist for Manhattan has seen and heard it all. A common recurring theme from denture wearers sounds like this, “I have a full set of dentures. My uppers are fine, but my lowers are a constant juggling act when I’m trying to eat. Can I have implants on the lower and […]

5 Reasons to Say Yes to Your Implant Dentist in Manhattan

Some two decades ago, patients virtually had two choices to address tooth loss issues: a fixed bridge or removable dentures. Thankfully, as a premier implant dentist in Manhattan, Dr. Toscano proudly provides the highly effective, modern solution of dental implants. Dental implants display superiority over these other restorations in numerous ways including: 1. Stability—Wearers of […]

The Crux of the Matter—by Implant Dentist Toscano in Manhattan

Have you lost teeth and find yourself debating the next step? Is it because of the expense? Our implant dentist in Manhattan will illuminate points worth your consideration. Non-treatment: Progressive bone loss will occur where there is no “root” stimulating bone and tissue growth. Without teeth, the structure of one’s face will alter over time, and […]

Implant Dentist in Manhattan Encourages Adhesive Mutiny–Why?

Denture adhesives used to hold false teeth in position come with a host of complaints. Dr. Toscano, a specialty implant dentist in Manhattan, validates objections to the “chronic bad taste” and “mess in my mouth” that denture adhesives leave their wearers. Is an alternative available that eliminates the use of adhesives? Dental implants! Over time, […]

Increase Your Teeth’s Longevity Through Implant Dentist in Manhattan!

Dentures require adjustments as your gum ridge alters. Ceramic fillings eventually need replacing. What about dental implants? Dr. Toscano’s expertise as an implant dentist in Manhattan can shed light on this matter. How long do natural adult teeth last? They are generally referred to as your “permanent teeth” because technically they should last your lifetime. […]