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Periodontist in Manhattan with Amazing Skills

What does periodontal mean? Peri means surrounding or around, and dontal refers to teeth. Tissues surrounding the teeth are described as periodontal tissue. A periodontist in Manhattan, such as highly regarded Dr. Toscano, specializes in the treatment of periodontal issues. Dr. Toscano has received extensive training in these areas, including a number of additional years of education beyond dental […]

Qualifying for Dental Implants in Manhattan

Is there a possibility your body could reject or be intolerant to dental implants? Manhattan residents, find answers to your many dental questions through Dr. Toscano! Perhaps you are aware of surgeries involving the transplantation of a vital organ such as the heart that are followed by concerns regarding whether the body will reject the […]

Increase Your Teeth’s Longevity Through Implant Dentist in Manhattan!

Dentures require adjustments as your gum ridge alters. Ceramic fillings eventually need replacing. What about dental implants? Dr. Toscano’s expertise as an implant dentist in Manhattan can shed light on this matter. How long do natural adult teeth last? They are generally referred to as your “permanent teeth” because technically they should last your lifetime. […]