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Five Warning Signs of Gum Disease!

Gum Disease Manhattan Do your gums bleed easily, feel tender and swollen. Perhaps you have chronic bad breath? All of these could be signs that you have gum disease. Manhattan periodontist Dr. Toscano is specifically trained to treat your periodontal needs. We often hear the term gum disease, in fact it’s one of the most common dental problems adults face. But what does gum disease really involve?

Gum disease, or gingivitis, is a form of periodontal disease. Periodontal disease involves inflammation and infection that destroys the tissues that support the teeth, including the gums, ligaments and bone. So how can you tell if you are suffering from this slow, often pain-free infection?

Some of the most common warning signs include:

1) red or bleeding gums (such as after brushing your teeth)

2) tender and swollen gums

3) chronic bad breath or bad taste in your mouth

4) receding gums and

5) loose or shifting teeth.

The good news is gum disease can almost always be prevented and can even be reversed if in its early stages. If you would like to learn more about preventing/treating gum disease, Manhattan area dentist Dr. Toscano and his staff would be more than happy to set up an appointment with you today!

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