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Implant Dentist in Manhattan Encourages Adhesive Mutiny–Why?

Implant Dentist Manhattan Denture adhesives used to hold false teeth in position come with a host of complaints. Dr. Toscano, a specialty implant dentist in Manhattan, validates objections to the “chronic bad taste” and “mess in my mouth” that denture adhesives leave their wearers. Is an alternative available that eliminates the use of adhesives?

Dental implants! Over time, the gum ridge supporting a denture plate shrinks due to lack of tissue and bone stimulation beneath the surface, leaving dentures to float. Dental implants however, offer a permanent stabilizing “root” in the form of a tiny titanium post that integrates into the jawbone. Ill-fitting dentures that may have brought embarrassment when sneezing, laughing or eating and the requirement of constant reapplication of unpleasant-tasting adhesive will be a thing of the past! No more will you be drinking a cup of coffee or eating a meal in a restaurant and have to excuse yourself to reapply denture adhesive in the restroom!

Don’t casually dismiss this exciting alternative! Even in cases where a lot of bone loss has already occurred, there is still a good chance dental implants can work! Arrange your consult today with Dr. Toscano, the implant dentist for Manhattan.

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