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Implant Dentist in Manhattan Explains It Simply

Have you heard about dental implants but find the subject intimidating and more than a little confusing? Dr. Toscano, an implant dentist in Manhattan, uses his experience to explain this amazing dental feat in terms you can appreciate.

Why might you need a dental implant? If you have a severely damaged or missing tooth, an implant is the closest thing you’ll encounter in terms of receiving a healthy, natural tooth again. It’s more durable than a bridge, or dentures, and can permanently correct tooth loss. Better yet, it looks like a natural tooth and you can treat it as one too!

What exactly is a “dental implant” and how does it work? As most people realize, your natural teeth are held in place by a reaching root that is anchored to your upper or lower jawbone. When your tooth dies or is extracted, this root ceases to function. Any bridges or dentures used to replace it are only surface treatments that won’t prevent the root and ridge area of your mouth from shrinking as the space remains void of root or tooth. This is one reason why bridges and dentures become “loose-fitting” over time and require constant adjustments.

A dental implant is a small, strong titanium post that takes on the function of a “root” in that it is surgically anchored in the jawbone, bringing stability and strength to the tooth-like implant then installed on the surface. This “implant tooth” will look just like your natural teeth and perform as one, without the risk of cavities!

To discover more about this astounding advancement in the field of dentistry, consult with Dr. Toscano, our implant dentist in Manhattan!

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