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Increase Your Teeth’s Longevity Through Implant Dentist in Manhattan!

Implant Dentist ManhattanDentures require adjustments as your gum ridge alters. Ceramic fillings eventually need replacing. What about dental implants? Dr. Toscano’s expertise as an implant dentist in Manhattan can shed light on this matter.

How long do natural adult teeth last? They are generally referred to as your “permanent teeth” because technically they should last your lifetime. However, we likely all know people whose teeth have not done so. Frequently, dental problems stem from improper home care or a failure to follow through with treatment.

The same holds true for dental implants. By choosing a qualified dentist, the surgery itself can go without a hitch and the restoration can be flawless. The potential of enjoying your implants for life is certainly there! But even the most experienced dentist cannot provide a guarantee they’ll last a lifetime due to factors beyond his control. You play a role in the longevity of your implants!

Proper oral hygiene is essential in ensuring the health of your gums. A dental implant will not be prone to cavities, but the gum tissue surrounding it is just as vulnerable to infectious bacteria as the rest of your mouth. Conscientious brushing and flossing are key elements to maintaining not just your implant, but also your overall health.

Tip the scales in your favor; seek Dr. Toscano, our qualified implant dentist in Manhattan and help your smile last a lifetime!

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