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A Scientific Progression from Dental Implants for Manhattan?

Science is getting closer…to what? Discovering how to stimulate the growth of a whole new tooth! Meanwhile, dental implants offer Manhattan an awesome alternative for replacing missing teeth. Should you put dental implants on hold to wait for the next scientific breakthrough? The July 18, 2012 issue of ScienceDaily entitled its article “One Step Closer to Growing […]

Sedation Dentistry—Resolving Anxiety about Dental Implants in NYC

Does the thought of visiting the dentist conjure up feelings of trepidation and anxiousness? Does it prevent you from pursuing vital dental work, like dental implants? Serving NYC, Dr. Toscano is a board certified periodontist and is an expert in the field of implant technology. For those patients that are hesitant about seeking dental treatment, […]

How Long will Dental Implants Take? Manhattan Dentist Answers

Those considering dental implants in Manhattan often have questions beyond “what is an implant?” For example, “How long will the whole dental implant process take? Will I be without teeth or unable to eat for a long time?” Dr. Toscano specializes in dental implants and is more than happy to answer any questions you might […]

Implant Dentist for Manhattan Stops Shifting Dentures

Our highly experienced implant dentist for Manhattan has seen and heard it all. A common recurring theme from denture wearers sounds like this, “I have a full set of dentures. My uppers are fine, but my lowers are a constant juggling act when I’m trying to eat. Can I have implants on the lower and […]

Laugh Your Way to a Better Life with Dental Implants in Manhattan

Weddings, graduations and anniversaries are marked by smiles and picture taking. But for those missing one or more teeth, these photos are no laughing matter. Dental implants provide Manhattan residents with a modern, reliable solution in addressing tooth loss. Supplying more than just the physical benefits, implants can also have a tremendous impact on an […]