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Periodontist in Manhattan with Amazing Skills

Periodontist In Manhattan What does periodontal mean? Peri means surrounding or around, and dontal refers to teeth. Tissues surrounding the teeth are described as periodontal tissue. A periodontist in Manhattan, such as highly regarded Dr. Toscano, specializes in the treatment of periodontal issues.

Dr. Toscano has received extensive training in these areas, including a number of additional years of education beyond dental school. Familiar with the latest techniques, he specializes in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of periodontal disease, including extensive oral surgeries and the placement of dental implants. As a premier periodontist, he is highly qualified to perform many procedures, including:

1. Dental Implants

2. Periodontal Plastic Surgery (including gum grafting and cosmetic tooth-crown lengthening)

3. Gum Pocket Therapy

4. Extractions and Bone Preservation

5. Ridge Augmentation

6. Sinus Elevation and Lift

With state-of-the-art equipment and solid expertise, he can perform dental services other dentists can only imagine. Respected by his peers, Dr. Toscano has spoken nationally and internationally on topics related to periodontal and implant surgery and has authored a number of articles in peer-reviewed journals. Others seek to learn from his superior craftsmanship, so why go to the students for dental procedures when you can go to the master? The smile of your dreams is finally within your grasp, compliments of Dr. Toscano. He is the periodontist in Manhattan that people turn to for healthy gums and teeth, and you’ll have the perfect smile to prove it.

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