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Regain Sinus Control while Enjoying Dental Implants–in Manhattan

Dental Implants ManhattanHave you lost upper back teeth and now notice a pattern of recurring sinus issues? Learn how dental implants by Manhattan dentist Dr. Toscano can resolve a multitude of such issues.

A phenomenon that occurs in a large majority of people who have missing upper back teeth for an extended period of time is the increasing downward growth of the maxillary sinus. What does this mean?

At birth, this sinus is the size of a pea and progressively grows as one’s skull matures. When back teeth are removed however, the maxillary sinus can expand into this now free cavity.

Some complain that following the loss of upper back teeth on one side (where dental implants were not subsequently installed) they begin to experience sinus problems on that same side. Is this coincidence? What can be done to correct the problem?

Sinus growth can be at the expense of surrounding bone. To elevate the floor of the sinus, reduce its volume and quite possibly allow it to drain easier, a lift procedure often proves to be necessary. What is involved in a sinus elevation procedure?

It requires the placement of bone and/or bone substitutes into an area that previously was occupied by the lower part of the maxillary sinus. These bone graft materials act as a scaffold that will stimulate new bone growth of your own. Not only will your sinuses benefit, but it will also increase the amount of available bone needed for placing dental implants.

Science says: Restore missing teeth with the next best thing, dental implants. Manhattan patients of Dr. Toscano agree. Isn’t it your turn?

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