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Sedation Eases Anxiety for Dental Surgery in Manhattan

Thanks to sedation dentistry, sometimes called “sleep dentistry,” patients undergoing dental surgery in Manhattan at the office of Dr. Nicholas Toscano can enjoy an anxiety-free experience! One of the most exciting features of this service is that it can be tailored to the needs of just about any patient! Combining nitrous oxide gas, oral sedatives, and IV medications, you are sure to have the most relaxing dental surgery in Manhattan imaginable!

Patients may consider sedation dentistry for procedures at Manhattan Periodontal Associates ranging from tooth extraction to gum grafting and more if they:

  • Experience dental anxiety or fears
  • Have a hard time sitting in the dental chair long enough to have procedures performed
  • Have a very strong gag reflex
  • Require multiple procedures and wish to have them performed in one longer visit

If you think sedation or sleep dentistry is your solution for dental surgery at Manhattan Periodontal Associates, we invite you to contact us without delay! We are dedicated to serving the needs of our valued patients, and can’t wait to help you learn if sedation dentistry is for you.

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