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The Crux of the Matter—by Implant Dentist Toscano in Manhattan

Implant Dentist Manhattan Have you lost teeth and find yourself debating the next step? Is it because of the expense? Our implant dentist in Manhattan will illuminate points worth your consideration.

Non-treatment: Progressive bone loss will occur where there is no “root” stimulating bone and tissue growth. Without teeth, the structure of one’s face will alter over time, and the ability to properly chew food will become compromised. Too, remaining teeth may begin migrating out of position, as there is nothing adjacent preventing it. Doing nothing about lost teeth is by far the most economical in the immediate sense but at what cost in the long-term?

Bridges/Partials/Dentures: Filling the negated space of a tooth or teeth, these artificial surface-seaters will provide a chewing surface of sorts. Without an anchoring root however, they lack the stability of a natural tooth. Continual bone loss and tissue shrinkage will lead to ongoing issues with ill-fitting dental appliances. Eventually this loss of bone can cause nerve exposure, jaw fracture and a complete inability to function with regular dentures. Correction at this point may be very expensive and involve extensive bone grafts and long recovery periods.

Dental Implants: Placing implants before the bone loss becomes severe not only saves money in the long run, but also slows the bone loss process. The artificial titanium rootdoes continue to stimulate bone and tissue growth. It provides a solid anchor for the surface restoration and full chewing capabilities. It prevents the collapse of one’s facial structure. And don’t forget — the exquisitely designed teeth appear natural and beautiful!

It may feel like a significant investment to restore missing teeth, but then again — aren’t you worth it? Dr. Toscano is the implant dentist in Manhattan you’ll want to seek!

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