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What Your Oral Health Reveals to your Periodontist

Periodontist In ManhattanThe connection between periodontal disease and heart disease is well established in medical literature. Dr. Toscano, a periodontist in Manhattan, recognizes the key role that our oral health plays in the rest of our bodies. According to one study about 30% to 50% of American adults have mild to moderate gum disease. Another 5% to 15% have even more severe oral disease. Researchers continue to look for connections between diseases of the body- such as heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and periodontal disease.

So what can you do to prevent gum disease and in turn improve your overall health? First and foremost brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing once a day will ward off the 15 types of bacteria that cause gum disease. Secondly see your dentist for regular cleanings. Third, eat a healthy diet and eliminate as much sweets and junk food as possible. Fourthly, if you smoke, quit! Smoking increases your risk of gum disease.

Sticking with good oral habits can be a challenge. By making an appointment for a thorough exam with Dr. Toscano, periodontist in Manhattan, and his team, you will receive the best treatment and assistance to help you keep your smile bright and healthy for a lifetime!

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