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Will Any Dentist Do for Dental Implants in New York?

Dental Implants New York Can any dentist offer dental implants in New York? Legally yes, but like any medical or dental procedure, not all practitioners have equal experience, training or comfort with implant treatment. How do you feel about entrusting your implant placement and follow-up to practitioners just entering the “learning curve” — a little uneasy?

With good reason! Consult the expert Dr. Toscano and be assured you’ll receive the absolute best implant treatment and long-term results. Why is he so highly revered in the complex field of implantology?

Dr. Toscano maintains a practice focused on periodontics and implantology. Respected in his field, he has lectured at the Naval Postgraduate Dental School and the National Naval Medical Center. In addition, he is a fellow of the International Congress of Implantologists. Nationally and internationally, he speaks on topics related to both periodontics and dental implants. So is he a dentist just entering the lengthy learning curve? Certainly not!

Aided by state-of-the-art cone beam computed tomography (or 3D X-ray imaging) Dr. Toscano can preoperatively and accurately pinpoint vital structures. A surgical guide will be created that allows for precise implant placement. By evaluating from the outset whether there is enough bone in the jaw and if it’s strong enough to hold and support an implant goes a long way in realizing a successful outcome. Of note too is that this 3D imaging system outputs less than 2% of the radiation of a traditional scan!

With hands-on experience and the finest technology, Dr. Toscano’s aptitude for dental implants benefits New York patients seeking a superior smile and chewing capability! Arrange your consult today!

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