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Precision is Key to Success with Dental Implants — Manhattan Patients Find It Here!

Dental Implants ManhattanWhat is a main contributing factor to the success of a dental implant placement in Manhattan? Achieving and maintaining implant stability. How can this be attained?

Dr. Toscano has both training and state-of-the-art equipment to fortify his every decision. Whereas some dentists might be left guessing as to the optimal placement site for an implant post, Dr. Toscano is knowledgeable and accurate. Aided by cone beam computed tomography (or 3D X-ray imaging) he can preoperatively pinpoint vital structures and create a surgical guide that allows him to place the implant at precisely the correct angle and into the ideal space. Does that not reassure you?

Our Manhattan 3D imaging system uses less than 2% of the radiation of traditional scans! Its precise imaging greatly reduces the chance of complications occurring because it allows the practitioner to evaluate from the outset whether there is enough bone in the jaw and if it is strong enough to hold and support an implant. If not, a bone grafting procedure can then be discussed.

Dental implant success is co-related to operator skill, quality and quantity of the bone available at the site, as well as the patient’s oral hygiene. Keep the odds high in your favor by seeking out Dr. Toscano, someone invested in providing high-quality dental implants for Manhattan residents!

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