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Regain Sinus Control while Enjoying Dental Implants–in Manhattan

Have you lost upper back teeth and now notice a pattern of recurring sinus issues? Learn how dental implants by Manhattan dentist Dr. Toscano can resolve a multitude of such issues. A phenomenon that occurs in a large majority of people who have missing upper back teeth for an extended period of time is the […]

Will Any Dentist Do for Dental Implants in New York?

Can any dentist offer dental implants in New York? Legally yes, but like any medical or dental procedure, not all practitioners have equal experience, training or comfort with implant treatment. How do you feel about entrusting your implant placement and follow-up to practitioners just entering the “learning curve” — a little uneasy? With good reason! […]

How Experimental are Dental Implants? 3 Factors Manhattan Can Consider

“I’ve heard that dental implants are experimental—is that true?” Dr. Toscano, an expert on dental implants in Manhattan, will highlight key points that satisfactorily address this concern. The Birth of Modern Implants: Dental implants are the most thoroughly researched procedure in the history of dentistry. The process of purposely implanting titanium in bone with the intent of […]

Implant Dentist in Manhattan Encourages Adhesive Mutiny–Why?

Denture adhesives used to hold false teeth in position come with a host of complaints. Dr. Toscano, a specialty implant dentist in Manhattan, validates objections to the “chronic bad taste” and “mess in my mouth” that denture adhesives leave their wearers. Is an alternative available that eliminates the use of adhesives? Dental implants! Over time, […]